We All Need Ongoing Support

A good training for a Foster Parent is so valuable when you can walk away and apply it immediately in your home.  You can never have too much training because there is always another way to look at discipline, trauma or the system on any given day.  Not only do people present differently in a way that we may understand better, but they also bring new ideas to the table that we hadn’t considered.  Trainings are also a great reminder of what we can or should be doing, but just got too caught up in other areas and forgot.  I generally look at all training opportunities that come my way whether or not I have met my six hour requirement.  The training helps me with my foster, adoptive and biological children (as well as my neighbor’s).

As a board member on AZAFAP (Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents), I have committed to bringing at least one training a year to fellow foster parents.  So on April 30th, from 9am-3pm come join myself and other Foster Parents in Scottsdale at St. Patrick Church for this powerful and unique training: How to Thrive as a Foster Parent – Real tools that help you understand how to navigate the system and the needs of your child. (link for training)

Mimi Condon

AZAFAP Board Member


Foster/Adopt Parent


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