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Tuesday’s You Asked Blog talked about the 7 touches it typically takes before someone chooses to get involved in foster care and issued a challenge to help spread awareness. Today, we want to share some practical ideas on ways you can personally learn more and then share within your circle of influence.


Some of the first touches I had with the world of foster care came through books. Here are some that I have read or that are on my read list:

**This is not meant to be an endorsement just a potential starting point. There are a lot of amazing books to choose from that relate to the world of foster care.

As silly as it sounds, movies were another touch point for me. Annie, Anne of Green Gables, and Pollyanna were all movies I loved growing up that showed orphans as kids that made positive impacts. I encourage you to pay attention to how many movies, TV shows, etc. you watch that highlight kids or adults that have been orphaned or have come in contact with foster care.


There is a plethora of information available and easily shared through the internet. From news reports to blogs, there’s tons to learn about what is going on in Arizona’s foster care system as well as around the nation. Of course, we hope you keep up with our blog as we do our best to keep you “in the know” of what is going on in Arizona but, here are additional resources as well as sites I personally keep an eye on:


Videos that share real stories of kids and others involved in foster care allow us to personally feel connected in ways that pictures and articles cannot fully accomplish on their own. I recently watched the new release of Secret Superhero from the Department of Child Safety and appreciated the perspective. Foster Arizona also just released 5 new Meet the Kids videos of sibling groups and individual kids looking for their forever families. These videos have not only helped identify families for the kids featured but have also acted as one of the touch points for families that have later gone on to foster or adopt other children. We will be releasing new Real Stories over the next few weeks as well but, until then, I encourage you to check out the existing stories on our site as these kids, families, and individuals are truly amazing.

Meet the Kids

Real Stories

I hope this has given you some ideas and practical ways to take a step. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

Kim Vehon

Founder & CEO Foster Arizona



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