What is Orientation?

Meet the KIDS Consortium

Together, 30 Maricopa County foster care agencies are working to increase awareness in the community about foster care and adoption as well as retain current foster and adoptive families. This collaboration is known as the KIDS Consortium. The KIDS Consortium exists because, as agencies, we know we can accomplish far more together than individually.

What is Orientation?

To help spread the word about foster care and adoption, each month the KIDS Consortium hosts 11 Foster Care & Adoption Orientations throughout Maricopa County. These orientations are open to the general public without advanced registration, at no cost. Orientations are held weeknights and Saturday mornings and last about 1.5 hours. The current schedule can be found at www.azkidsconsortium.com

What Will I Learn?

KIDS Orientations are not agency-specific, providing basic State information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Presenters will give you a general understanding of how the foster and adoption system works, what is expected of you as a foster or adoptive parent, the basic requirements, and the supports that are available. Information about all of the KIDS’ agencies is given to families to help you select the agency you want to work with on your journey to become a foster or adoptive parent.

Do I Have To Attend Orientation?

Arizona requires that all foster and adoptive parents attend an Orientation prior to beginning PS-MAPP (licensing class). Families have the option of attending an agency-specific orientation, an AZ 1.27 Orientation (learn more about that here https://fosterarizona.org/children-need-families-families-need-community/), or a KIDS Orientation. By attending you’ll not only be learning if this is the right journey for you but you’ll be completing the first step in that journey!


  • Michelle Lunka, M.S., LAMFT is the Media Committee Chair for the KIDS Consortium and Recruitment Coordinator for HRT.



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